Monday, September 2, 2019

The Midwest Learning Experiences Hoodie

The theme for Week 1    is called Home Sweet Home and your garment is to be inspired by what makes your area of the US so special.
I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.
Our home is just a train ride away from all the 
wonderful adventures available in this friendly, cultural city.
One thing that my granddaughter loves to do is to 
visit the Shedd Aquarium. 
Well, my granddaughter loves all creatures, large and small. 
Have you ever seen a child staring into the depths of the water in an exhibit, and knew the child's mind was just racing
with excitement as she observed and learned? 
That was probably my granddaughter!!! 

One special experience that you can do there
 is to visit the beluga whales. 

You can meet the belugas where they live! 
You can stand next to the trainer,  on an underwater ledge, 
  face-to-face with a whale. These kinds of learning experiences drive the future world changers to protect their environment.

 With her love of all creatures, I knew my 
"Future World Changer," 
would love this hoodie that I created for her.

Since I wanted your eyes to have something to feast on, regardless of the angle that you viewed the garment, I appliqued a whale on the back of the hoodie too.

So you may not think of the Midwest and whales, but our part of the country is filled with opportunities to learn more about the world and all creatures free and wild. From walks in land preserves, lead by a trainer that will help you really see the natural habitat, county farm walks, and access to a huge cultural city like Chicago, our home is so wonderful.


  1. Oh, my! I just love what you did with this hoodie! It is BEAUTIFUL! Now you have to understand that word for a hoodie may never have come out of my mouth before. I love lace and embroidery and flowers, etc. But I would wear that hoodie and I don't even own a sweatshirt, much less a hoodie! It is perfect!

    1. Thank you Karen, Hoodie are comfortable and cozy! I bet you would enjoy one like this...especially if you used the needle arts to create a special applique on it. That make it unique to the wearer. You will love my next one....Pete the Cat...our hero that show you how to enjoy and learn at school.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed making the whale applique. When I create appliques, it makes me feel like an artist.


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