Monday, April 6, 2020

Using my Left-over Knit Scrap Fabric to Make a Hoodie!

When I see a pile of left-over scraps like this
that drawer of saved scraps,

I see possibilities!
Yeap, that is one of my personal style traits:
Using those little bits
that others would throw away! 

I just finished making my granddaughter 
some new summer clothes that 
are mix- and match with
similar color tones...watercolors.

While cleaning up my sewing room, I began to think 
of how I could incorporate these
scraps into a shirt.
The fabrics are 220 gram cotton/spandex 
and they feel so soft yet durable.
So, I didn't want to waste an inch.

The shirt front features a log cabin square, 
and this sets the tone of soft watercolors.
Each sleeve has 4 or 5 color-blocked
layers of prints, stripes, or a water-color print
that feels like a solid more than a print.
And it turned out like this:

So many wonderful 
that just need 
a bit
of fabric.

I used a larger
scrap of the back, 
because your eyes
need a break
when you use so many 
different prints and stripes.


So much fun to make that I just 
had to make another
scrap shirt. 

So that is my

Use those left-overs
and keep 
your money in the bank.

The dinosaur scrappy t-shirt turned out better that I imagined, but what to wear with them? Scrappy shorts with Dinosaur footprints on your butt, of course. I appliqued the dinosaur footprints onto a piece of the original black fabric from the panel, 
then cut out the shorts back. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Transformations Through a Collection of Garments

When you sew a collection of garments that all work together transformations are possible. 
 Add a few solids, such as, lavender knit shorts, white t-shirt, and lime green leggings and the collection is greatly expanded.
So to create my transformational collection, I used this analogous color scheme as my overall plan to make the garments so much more versatile.  

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dragons and Fairytail Clothing for Boys


Fairytails and Dragons...they just seem to go together. 

In this modern fairytail, Toothless the Dragon, finds a girlfriend to share his adventures. When you add a girlfriend that is gentle and playful by nature, like Toothless, but fiercely protective when danger is present, there is a lot of action in the story.

Since my grandson enjoys clothing that is comfortable and athletic in cut, I made sure that this garment met all his requirements. The fabric is a cotton/Lycra blend that is so soft. Inside the garment, all the seams are serged to make it even more comfortable.

 I even added a slouchy beanie hood to go with the outfit.
By the way, this hat is made with a free Internet PDF pattern from "Patterns for Pirates" website and is called the Free Slouchy Beanie.  It was a very quick sew.


Open Weave Hoodie with Color Block Inserts

 The theme for the Project Run and Play Challenge, that I planned on entering,  is to use analogous colors when creating a garment for a child.  This analogous color scheme is one of my favorite, and I began to search for a print or stripe fabric in a softer tone of this color scheme.  

Summer is coming and this is the perfect time to create a new hoodie for summer.

 The hoodie that I made is banded on the edge of the hood, and features a analogous Cotton/Lycra stripe that has been inserted as a color block in the sleeves. The print was used on the diagonal pockets. Lastly, athletic mesh was used to create the body of the hoodie. I love one aspect of the pattern I chose... the diagonal inserts on the side front and back.  The pattern used is the Hideout Hoodie.

Since I had never sewn with an open weave mesh like this, I did a little experimenting with the fabric first. First, I tried to sew the sample by just serging the seams and it puckered. So, next I sewed it with a slightly longer regular stitch than normal, then I serged the seam slightly inside that row of stitching. This created an enclosed seam that was just perfect.
On the color-blocked seams on the sleeves, I sewed them with a regular straight stitch, then I coverstitched the seam from the right side of the fabric. 

A Different Way to Color Block

Sometimes I actually plan my color blocking for garments by directly pinning (the top of the sleeve) onto a scrap of fabric that I want to incorporate into the pattern piece (sleeve). I measure how large I need the color block, then I sew the next piece (bottom of the sleeve) onto the scrap. On this sleeve, I even coverstitched it too. Lastly, I cut out the pattern piece with the incorporated color block already a part of the fabric.


Monday, January 6, 2020

Harry Potter at Night in London Garment Collection

As my granddaughter gets older, they want  to have input in what the garments that I sew for them
look like when finished. You know what happens during
  those pre-teen and teen years.

So I started with this fabric.
Harry Potter at Night in London

Since the print is so saturated with color and design, I went with a solid navy blue fabric for the base of the bomber jacket.
The applique, "London" was drawn right from the fabric.

The navy fabric is a sweatshirt fabric that is soft and comfortable. Inside the jacket, I lined it with a soft cotton interlock knit. Ribbed knit finishes the neck, waist and sleeve edges.

By letting her sit down and draw out what the finished outfit would look like, she likes the finished garment. In fact, she's wearing it to school tomorrow.

So that jacket lead to a shirt with this applique.
If you have a print with cute illustrations- use them to carry out your design inspiration. Since the fabric is a 220 gram cotton/Lycra knit, I didn't have to worry about the cut-outs fraying. I did back the letters with WonderUnder and iron them on the fabric first.
Then I straight stitched around the cut-out. (Now I don't have to worry what will happen when my daughter launders them.)

Since this print is all about Harry Potter, I had to include him in the collection!
Now I know I am not the best artist, but it definitely has that Harry Potter look. I used knit fabric and fabric markers to create it. My friend told me that it looks like Betty Boops brother. Yikes!

Lastly, I sewed a simple pair of leggings to go with the collection.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dinosaur Joke Shirt About Hockey

My holiday wish is that my grandson,
 that loves hockey,
likes his Christmas gift that I made him.
It has all the elements that he loves:
1. hockey playing
2. dinosaurs
3. jokes
4.  HOOD
5. comfortable and easy to wear.

I personally love the vibrant colors.
Aren't  these colors fabulous! 
I do hope he gets the joke.... I accomplished this with
my Circut machines help.

Of course, I had to make him some comfortable pants 
 to go with his top.

One last thing..... do you think these shoes 
will be just a bit much?
Happy Holidays,

Monday, November 25, 2019

"Spirit of Christmas" Clothing

When the themes for Project Run and Play Season 22 were announced, I really liked the idea of making something for the Holiday Season. 
As a child, I loved all the activities that filled the holidays in both our community and at family get-together. Our family would work together as a team, putting up all the Christmas decorations both inside and outside of our house. I would save my money all year to buy Christmas gifts for my family and that made shopping for those special gifts so much fun. Aunts would come over and the cookie baking would begin, and 
little boxes filled with a variety of cookies would overflow.

 At church, we would sing favorite Christmas hymns and wrap gifts intended for recipients of the Giving Tree.  At school, we would read holiday stories and have a 
school gathering for the Holiday Sing.

On Christmas Eve, family and extended family would gather together. Here is a picture of me at a family Christmas gathering over 50 years ago.
I am the blond child sitting on the floor in the white dress.

So,  I put on my Santa hat and planned this outfit for
my granddaughter,  realizing that designing an outfit that
 is made for everyday holiday activities is best.
 It doesn't have to be fancy!

Miss G loves animals and has a wonderful sense of humor.  I believe she will love wearing this outfit featuring a cute deer wearing earmuffs. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that it is like receiving a hug.  The tunic length will keep her warm. 


I used my Cricut cutting machine to make the iron-on sparkly snowflakes that are scattered around the top. 

I love this snowflake design, 
as it features tiny deer within the snowflake.

My daughter is always wearing slouchy hats around the house. So now, my granddaughter has her own matching slouchy hat too.

So as you sew 
special outfits for special people,
if you put the spirit of Christmas in your really can't go wrong!

Happy Holidays,
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