Monday, March 20, 2017

My 2017 Bohemian Modern Collection Flipbook

Click on my flipbook to take
 a closer look at my personal style. 

 I had so much fun creating this cohesive collection of clothing for 
the sheer joy of showing my love for
  my grandaughter 
and giving my creative side the chance to just "give it a go!".  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Repurposed Jean Skirt with Ruffle

I've made many jean top skirts like this one. I donated them to girls in foster care through the  CASA program and as part of the "Skirting The Issue Sew Along" with Project Run and Play.  When my granddaughter saw it, she wondered if this skirt was for "a girl that we don't know, or will never meet,...but needs our help."  
"No,  answered her grandmother. It's for you."

Does the fabric look familar? 
Yeap, it's part of my 2017 Bohemian Collection.   

I did buy her a jean jacket to go along with her recycled skirt. Sometimes, with a great sale, it's just cheaper to buy than sew.

If you want to make this skirt, here are some links to the different blog posts that show you, with written instructions and photos, how to make the skirt.

Creating the jean pants yoke for the skirt

Making the Flowers 

Using a Printable Step-by- Step Chart to Calculate How to Cut Out Your Ruffles and Connecting Pieces, Regardless of the Size of Skirt (You will be able to click on the provided chart to take you to my Google Drive. Then  you can print a copy of the chart for yourself.)

Sewing the Ruffles and Connecting Tiers to the Skirt Yoke

 Sewing the Flowers to the Skirt

Bohemian Top

Bohemian style is meant to embody the free spirited girl who wants to express herself in her clothing 
and has the freedom to style the look as she pleases.
 Add that philosophy to sewing for a pre-teen girl and you can understand that sewing for my granddaughter has changed. 
She no longer leaves all the design of the clothing I make her to me. 
She NOW actively participates in the process.
I "harvested" the fabric from a soft, somewhat transparent, tye-dyed beach wrap to make this top.I loved the drapey quality of the fabric and how the colors just flowed from one hue to another. I knew I would have to line the blouse for modesty sake, but it was worth it.
AND my granddaughter loved it too.
First, I use the Hazel Blouse pattern from Petite Stitchery. It's part of their new Boho Collection.
I loved those sleeves, but my pre-teen did not.
 "I just want short little sleeves, like the shirt I showed you," she explained.
"But these are so beautiful and romantic," I argued.
I wanted those sleeves, so I made it that way anyway. I figured that once she put it on, that she would love them too.
My bohemian, pre-teen granddaughter's was
 committed to her design.
So in the end... I cut them off and created a small cap sleeve... but I yearned for those sleeves, and ended up creating this matching purse made with the cut off sleeve. (so I guess we both won.) I  just sewed the sleeve band together, and then created a bottom with a piece two pieces of stiff felt.

 I think together we created an unique, edgy yet feminine look.

I added a zipper in the center back since this pattern was designed for knits. That was an easy adaptation, as I just did not place the back pattern piece on the fold and added a seam allowance for the zipper when cutting out the pattern piece.  
I changed this purchased flower headband to include flowers that pulled the red-purple color fro the top.

Since my flower was just too big, I pulled the flower apart and just used the petals on the headpiece.  


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Complementary Colors Girls Summer Shirt

  Complementary colors are those colors that are 
on opposite sides of the color wheel.

As I designed my top. I decided to use the complementary colors of  green/red and  blue-green/red-orange.  Using complementary colors is a bit tricky, so the use of this Kaffe Fassett print helped me pull it all together.

For me, the design all clicked together when I used the red-orange eyelet solid over the blue-green fabric.  I loved how the blue and green colors just popped through the holes in the eyelet fabric.  

This easy to wear top is complimented by these dark indigo tie-dyed jeans.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Black Boho Cowboy Boots

I just can't get enough of these cowboy boots done up "Devine Style."  I made these this weekend.

I'm sure hope that 3 pairs are enough...
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