Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bow Hairdoo

Check out this darling hairdo that my granddaughter, who is in Kindergarten, wore to school today.

Yep, that is all her hair! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Men's Shirt into Long Multi-Layered Dress

Recently I blogged as a guest blogger at Project Run and Play
My post was about different ways that I've used specific parts 
of a men's shirt when creating re-purposed outfits.
So, I had this wild idea to push my creativity even more and create a multi-layered long dress using a man's shirt.

I started by shopping for a nice men's shirt in my husbands' area of the closet. When I found a nice yellow and white mini-checked one with a laundry ticket from 2013... I knew I had found the perfect beginning for my new design. Next, I cut up the shirt for maximum yardage, and began creating my pattern.

Source: Sarah Clemens Clothing
My finished 2 piece long  dress.
My inspiration for this dress came from this photo that I found on  Etsy,  
that I found quite interesting 
and had pinned for my Pinterest board.

For modesty sake, I wanted a built-in bra in the top instead of layering a t-shirt under it. I thought the finished product would look more feminine in keeping with my design. Four vertical tucks down the front of the top also add to that soft feminine look.
The built-in bra is a separate layer in a solid knit fabric.

 Again, I shopped for fabric in my recycle bin, and found 
the perfect light yellow t-shirt (it was Fate!).  
The front of the dress utilizes the buttonhole tab from the front of the men's shirt.  
I also made the back the the dress in a racer-back design, which makes the design more current and everyday. I was trying to create a comfortable everyday dress that could be worn to church or informal situations.

To save more time, I used the original hem on the shirt on the top layer dress. Next, the flowers were created at the bottom of the top.

The long under-skirt has an elastic waistband, and a deep gathered ruffle that has 2 rows of tucks near the bottom of the skirt.

I love how this long dress turned out as it is different from any
 re-purpose men's shirt outfit that I've ever created before.

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