Friday, May 30, 2014

Girl, Frog, and Summer

"Look a baby frog!"

"It doesn't feel very slimy."

"It's so interesting..."

"Don't you just love summer!"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shades to Coordinate with Anthropology Comforter

"Mom, I need some new window coverings for this WILD AND COLORFUL Anthropology comforter that I bought the other day. I want something that is a big pop on the window too."

These pictures show you the stylized flowers in the comforter.

Here are the shades that I created to go with the Anthropolog quilt:

First, we photographed the actual fabric on the comforter, and created designs to mimic the images on the fabric.
This is part of the second shade.

I used wool felt and stenciled fabric paint onto the fabric to make the designs.
They button up to let in light. There are two levels of clear buttons so you can open the shade half way.

WILD HUH!!! Sometimes I wonder where in the world I get these ideas.


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Friday, May 9, 2014

Button-up Shades for a Little Girl's Room

I've been sewing button-up shades with black out lining.  Not too exciting... but a year of paper shades was enough! I really wanted the window trim to be visible, but because these are crank out windows with the screen on the inside, there is limited space for the window hardware to be screwed into the top of the window.

Each shade has 6 white buttons to make the 2 different heights that are possible. The buttons blend into the white linen fabric, and the elastic button loops along the bottom of the shade make it so easy to just Button-UP!

The fabric looks like a textured white linen with Barbie Pink poofs that explode from the background.  My granddaughter said that she likes the furry dots the best.


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Built-in Bookcase, Part 6..Almost Finished

The bookcase/window seat is one more step closer to being completed now the I've put all the new hardware on the bookcase doors and added the glass shelves.
  Here it is....

I added safety glass/tempered glass to the panels nearest the window seat. I was worried that one of my granddaughters might accidently hit the glass with one of their feet as they laid out on the window seat cushions reading one of their books. I would never forgive myself if I didn't spend the extra money to protect them. Each of the two panels were $65.00 each for the safety glass. 

When I put the shelves in the bookcase, I placed them at different heights, so they are not symmetrical. I thought it was more interesting.  Here is a peek inside the bookcase:

This one features some of my Wizard of Oz books from my collection.  As a child, I read the whole 14 book collection and it has been a favorite of mine.  

This one is not finished, as I want to add more books.  The bookcases have mirror backs and puck lights at the top of the bookcase.
Now, on to sewing the cushion for the window seat.
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