Monday, June 15, 2015

Polka-Dot Princess

Move over Scarlet O'Hara...

Using the shades pictured above....
POLKA DOT PRINCESS DRESS was created for Miss G.
(These shades were in Miss G's room when she was an infant.)

Of course, we used the Kiki and Company's DIY Frozen Dress Pattern as our starting point, to create our submission for the Project Run and Play's June Challenge.

Miss G's top is made from white silk and features a Renaissance "G"  initial.
  As  side note... my daughter was vacationing in a friend's cabin the wilds of Minnesota when I called her to ask for my granddaughter's measurements.  She didn't have any measurement items like a tape measure or ruler at the cabin. Being an old math nerd, I suggested she measure my granddaughter with a dollar bill which is exactly 6 inches long...  I'm glad that my daughter loves me, because only I would ask her to 
 measure her daughter with dollar bills.  
The back of the top is closed by velcro.  Since my measurements were  close estimates, I decided to add 2 widths of velcro. Notice the soft velcro under the polka dot ribbon. That is where the train will be attached.

Sparkly polka dot train
The train bottom is curved, as suggested by Kiki.

The skirt of the princess dress needed to be "twirly," as requested by my granddaughter, Miss G,  so I gathered the skirt onto the waistband tube and then added the elastic in the waistband to gather it even more.
Polka Dot Princess top and skirt, headband crown, and train.

Of course, what princess outfit is complete without your headband tiara.

A smile never left my face, as I cut, created, and sewed this wonderful princess dress. 
 I love to re-purpose , recycle, and  "think out side of the box."

I hope you enjoy the finished dress as much as I do.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts with me.

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