Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fairy Garden: My Newest Addition

This fairy garden was created in a basket.  
The iron holder for the basket is an old Pier One endtable base turned upside down. 
This year I am growing my lettuce in pots since the rabbits in the area don't seem to bother them as much.


P.S.  My other fairy gardens are growing too.
The drawbridge it done and I  see the fairy has come out to play.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Childs Table and Chairs with Raccon Chair Covers

Sewing for your children is not always tops, bottoms, and dresses. 
Creating these raccoon covered chair pads for a child's sized
 table and chairs was a sewing project "Labor of Love."  
Here's how the chair pads were created:
Since children can be messy, a separate chair pad was sewn out of 2 layers of fleece that fits under the raccoon cover.  So, when the project is messy, you can remove the top chair pad (raccoon) and simply use the
 2 layer fleece chair pad. 

Wonder Under and Zig-zag satin stitches
 outline all the facial features.
A smaller stitch width was used around the 
inner eye, nose,  and smile.

On this raccoon, I went over the satin stitches twice, to really make the stitching stand out.  


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Upholstered Ottoman: My First Project

I've always wanted to learn to upholster, but I can't find a teacher.  So, with the help of a new friend, I recovered this ottoman.

I bought the original ottoman at an estate sale because the wood frame was so solid and well made.  

Hours and hours were invested, but I think the finished product turned out well... and a new electric staple gun promises more projects in the future.
I know this photo looks very one tone, but the walls are 2 different shades of greyed green, and the carpet is a greyed green too.When we moved into this house the walls were painted a much more vibrant green, and I wanted to rip up perfectly fine wool carpeting because I didn't like the color.

Now I like the soothing feeling of the room. 

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