Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Men's Shirt Yesterday... Repurposed Today

For this last Project Run and Play Challenge,  I decided to PLAY while repurposing a man's shirt. So I asked my husband for some donations from his closet.

First, I decided to create a very feminine top and shorts out of the green check fabric because the fabric was a bit thicker than most shirting materials.

I used the cuffs for the shoulder straps.

I inserted a center panel so that I could create the ribbon holder loops.
The shirt buttons down the side, and I utilized the original button placket to do that easily.

The shorts have a top yoke, because I didn't have a large enough piece of fabric to cut it out and still match the check pattern. I'm glad that I solved the problem this way, as I like the added detail. I also used the front pocket on the back too.

The sleeve placket was used at the bottom of the shorts, complete with two pleats.   I think this is my favorite detail as I had never thought to use the sleeve placket in this way before.  I thought of this idea in my favorite meditation spot... the bathtub!

 Next, I used the grey, tan, red, and white plaid shirt to create this top.
Notice that the front and back yokes were cut on the diagonal.
After removing the complete collar with a seam ripper, I sewed the bottom seam together again, and cut the collar in half to create the shoulder straps.
The shirt cuff was used to create this pocket topper, and the top buttons down the back.

What to do with plain tan fabric?  This pocket I created for the top was the inspiration for the final design.
Make a few prairie points to enhance the hem.
The back of the top used the front button placket.
The collar quickly became the shoulder straps.

This top has white knit shorts, but they just don't show in the photo. 

The last dress was really the most challenging since I did not like the print. It just seemed a bit sad...especially to make something for a little girl.
So I first tried to give the fabric a "bit of love" with this fabric manipulation. 

How about a waistline belt made out of the collar... do I see a smile yet?

Buttons down the back from the front button tab... is that a grin?

Add a collar.....NO.... that didn't work, so I seam ripped it off.
Finally, I decided that I just liked the simplicity of this dress with a few special details.

I never use to repurpose clothing, but I sure do enjoy it now. I hope you enjoyed reading about my "Play." 

Men's shirt yesterday...Repurposed Today.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fabric Surface Design

Bead by bead ... by fabric design began. I used kid-friendly colored wooden beads and button/craft thread to sew them to the fabric.

Sewing back through previous beads keeps them lined up.

I sewed on this design from Minneapolis, MN to Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL in airports and on planes!!!
(By the way, each man that sat next to me on these planes was amazed that women actually sewed anymore as none of them could get their wives to sew on missing buttons or fix ripped seams. )

Here is the finished surface design that is part of my entry for the Project Run and Play Challenge.

This dress/top was made using the Georgia Twirl from Shwin Designs, with one design addition from me. I added a button-on strip at the waistline seam.

I made the buttonhole strip myself using a strip of bias fabric and my sewing machine.
This design element is the  "secret magic"  so you can change the top into a dress by buttoning on another curved skirt layer.

This shows the inside of the lined now "dress".

I also closed the seam under the arm with this triangular design.


Two different fun fabrics were used to create the shorts to coordinate with the top.

Notice the top yoke and ruffle on each of the shorts. On the cats shorts, I applied the elastic in the "paper bag" fashion. In the turquoise shorts, I just made a 1 1/4 inch casing and inserted a 1 " piece of elastic.

Miss E told me that she likes how the skirt twirls... and that's why I overlapped the third layer and sewed that layer shut.....we don't want any flasher episodes happening !

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