Sunday, July 14, 2019

Upcycled Tent into a Grocery Bag and Organizer System: Fruits, Vegetables, and General Supplies

 I just had to use the Zippered Window in the tent to create a bag for my Grocery Bag and Organizers system. 
It still zips from the inside so you can use 
it like a pouch!
 Here is the back of that bag which 
features another pocket.
The purpose of this bag is to 
store fruits and vegetables.

This is the label to let the person bagging the groceries know that this bag is just for general supplies.
This bag is probably the "prettiest" bag, as it features this lovely fabric from Windham fabrics. The tall rectangular portion is actually a pocket.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Upcycled Tent into a Grocery Bag and Organizer System: The Insulated Bag

The Insulated Bag

As you can see from the label inside of the bag, this bag was designed to hold food that will go into the refrigerator and freezer.
 It is quite deep and measures 20" by 19" by 9".

The bag is made from a sandwich of tent fabric, tent flooring fabric, and Insul-Bright Insulating Batting.
 Why add the Insul-Bright?
  • Keep your hot foods hot, and your cold foods cold
  • Consists of insulating hollow-core polyester fibers needlepunched through a nonwoven reflective mylar
  • Hot or cold temperatures are reflected back to its source
  • 100% polyester; insulating and breathable material
  • Can be Machine washed cool/machine dry low 
When sewing place the shiny side of Insul-Bright  toward the hot/cold source.
I serged my fabric sandwich together. I love how the tent flooring will add a 
waterproof inner layer to the bag.
 Then, I sewed the front/back panel to the sides.

Look at how much the Windham fabrics added to the visual appeal of the insulated bag, compared to just the
  blue tent fabric.
This fabric will be available in October of 2019.
 The edges of the bag are finished with a matching bias tape that I made. It's tempting to just cut straight strips of fabric, but I know the finished product would not look as attractive. Going around the bottom curves would not hug the curves the way bias cut fabric does also.

I also made a top for my bag that would be able to "flow over the top" of bulky food items. I did not choose to have a zippered top, because I wanted the versatility of being able to fit over larger food items.  I just wanted the top to help hold the cold inside, because I'm just going from the grocery store to home. 

The insulated top is secured with 
parachute buckles.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Upcycled Tent into a Grocery Bag and Organizer System: Adding the Straps

 When working with this nylon tent material, how do you securely sew on your 
Dritz 1.5" Belting/Strapping?
Here is my suggestion:
1.Create a sandwich of nylon tent fabric, sew-on interfacing, and strapping.

2. Sew a large rectangle as wide as possible through all 3 layers.
3. Press under the 4 edges of a small rectangle of cotton fabric to form a "patch." I used a fabric from Windham Fabrics in their new "Fantasy" line. Place the rectangle on top of the strapping so it overlaps the strapping about half way. Sew around the edge of the rectangle and then diagonally through the patch from one side to the other.

 4. Using a small scissors, trim away any interfacing that is showing.
5. Now, to make the handle easier to use, fold the strapping in half and sew near both edges, the open edge and the folded edge. Sew only the middle area of the strapping.

You can see in the picture below how the finished strap looks on your Upcycled Grocery Bag and Organizer System.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Upcycling a Tent

From old to new, from useless to useful, 
this idea makes me enjoy upcycling.

So my next upcycling project begins...........
and it all starts with this tent.
I bought this tent for only $10!!!
Two of the tent poles were broken and so I'm going to take it from useless to useful. 
I'm going to add a bit of Windham Fabrics to give my finished project some pizzaaz.

Halloween Bomber Jacket

Halloween Flash Preorder - Rapport Wanne Play Girl

This is the fabric from Whimsy Baby Customs that I started with. 

This is how the jacket turned out.  
Back of jacket

Front Image may contain: people standing and stripes

"The Rise of Skywalker" Bomber Jacket

Made a new bomber jacket for my 13 year old granddaughter for her birthday. It is about the new Star War's Movie that will be out in December, 
"The Rise of Skywalker."

I used the information contained in the official 
movie trailor to come up with the details.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dare: Sewed in Bra Form in a Romantic Sundress for a Pre-teen

My granddaughter is growing up.
I just made her this flowing sundress
and I DARED to insert a 
foam bra form into the lining.

This is a first for me.
I ordered the bra forms on Amazon because I knew that she couldn't wear a bra with the tiny straps that emerge from the bodice front shoulder area and thread through a small loop in the back bodice. 
 4 rows of inserted elastic form the back bodice.
 I only sewed the skirt to the back bodice, and finished the lining edge with my serger.
This dress features a high to low hem line.  
This is the second time that I've made this dress, but I learned my lesson after the first dress!!!
I chose a fabric in which the color is the same on the front and the back.  Last time the print was only on the front of the fabric, so I had to line the whole skirt of the dress.  More expense and so much more work and weight on the final garment. 
This one has even more flow... 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Romantic Creation

There is a person inside of me that enjoys creating something romantic....
and flows....with soft colors.

Short in the front and long 
and flowing in the back. 

Hugging the body with ties that lace up 
in the back to form a sweet bow.


Sewing Tip:  Here is how I was able to sew such nice straight lines to run my elastic through. I use low stick painters tape. Stick it on the back bodice and sew your line of stitching next to the tape. Remove tape and repeat for the next row.


The Woods in Your Own Backyard

Have you ever been inspired to design an outfit based on what
 you see each day?
  Well, this is what I see out my window each day:
Yes,  these beautiful woods are right
 in my backyard. 

When I saw this fabric, I was reminded  of my very own woods...................
In the Fall, my woods are full of color...  pink, orange,  brown, and yellow.

 If you look closely at the cat's shirt, you will see the fabric that the matching shorts are made with... fun!  

It was late at night when I was creating this outfit, and I go carried away and even made a little cat face as a back pocket. 

 The completed pocket. 

So my outfit was 
inspired by
where I live.Image may contain: people standing


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Shutter Garden Angels

Here are my beautiful recycled shutter angels
 that I just made.  
I made them to sell at my garden club's 
plant sale to fund the scholarship
for a horticulture student at
our local Junior College.

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