Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dinosaur Joke Shirt About Hockey

My holiday wish is that my grandson,
 that loves hockey,
likes his Christmas gift that I made him.
It has all the elements that he loves:
1. hockey playing
2. dinosaurs
3. jokes
4.  HOOD
5. comfortable and easy to wear.

I personally love the vibrant colors.
Aren't  these colors fabulous! 
I do hope he gets the joke.... I accomplished this with
my Circut machines help.

Of course, I had to make him some comfortable pants 
 to go with his top.

One last thing..... do you think these shoes 
will be just a bit much?
Happy Holidays,

Monday, November 25, 2019

"Spirit of Christmas" Clothing

When the themes for Project Run and Play Season 22 were announced, I really liked the idea of making something for the Holiday Season. 
As a child, I loved all the activities that filled the holidays in both our community and at family get-together. Our family would work together as a team, putting up all the Christmas decorations both inside and outside of our house. I would save my money all year to buy Christmas gifts for my family and that made shopping for those special gifts so much fun. Aunts would come over and the cookie baking would begin, and 
little boxes filled with a variety of cookies would overflow.

 At church, we would sing favorite Christmas hymns and wrap gifts intended for recipients of the Giving Tree.  At school, we would read holiday stories and have a 
school gathering for the Holiday Sing.

On Christmas Eve, family and extended family would gather together. Here is a picture of me at a family Christmas gathering over 50 years ago.
I am the blond child sitting on the floor in the white dress.

So,  I put on my Santa hat and planned this outfit for
my granddaughter,  realizing that designing an outfit that
 is made for everyday holiday activities is best.
 It doesn't have to be fancy!

Miss G loves animals and has a wonderful sense of humor.  I believe she will love wearing this outfit featuring a cute deer wearing earmuffs. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that it is like receiving a hug.  The tunic length will keep her warm. 


I used my Cricut cutting machine to make the iron-on sparkly snowflakes that are scattered around the top. 

I love this snowflake design, 
as it features tiny deer within the snowflake.

My daughter is always wearing slouchy hats around the house. So now, my granddaughter has her own matching slouchy hat too.

So as you sew 
special outfits for special people,
if you put the spirit of Christmas in your really can't go wrong!

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Minnesota Winters

"Forget making me dresses Grandma!"
 orders my determined granddaughter.

So, I have decided to heed her words and make a comfortable, cozy, and stylish outfit for the cold Minnesota winters.
The comfortable part is the soft cotton/Lycra knit fabric, and the cozy part is the warm leggings that are attached to her skirt. 
Minnesota winters are cold!.

A girl has to look cute at school.Yet, even waiting for the school bus can be cold, so you have to wear a snowsuit, and an outfit like this fits easily in your snowsuit for the bus-stop wait.

Now, I'm not saying that penguins live in Minnesota... but I bet they would like it.

This t shirt features a Mother penguin on the front and a baby penguin on the back.
Baby penguin on the shirt back
Overall, Minnesota is a wonderful place to spend winter, filled with activities like snowman building, sledding, and ice-skating. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

BB8: A Star Wars Hero

My granddaughter loves BB8
She can probably tell you about every crazy thing BB8
 has done in Star Wars films.

So I made this fun hoodie for her.
 It's a bit crazy as you see the BB8 heads I used 
at the end of the hood drawstrings.  

100% Fun
for a
Fun-Loving Granddaughter.


Monday, September 23, 2019

Personal Style:Upcycling Beloved Garments

I love to upcycle clothing.
So my personal style is intertwined with my 
desire to reuse fabric that
has so much more life in it.
After the hours spent drawing, and hand appliqueing the Yellow Brick Road six years ago, 
it was fun to see it come to life again. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Our Hero: Pete the Cat Pixie Hoodie

Our Hero, Pete the Cat, is just waiting for my grandson to join him 
on his next adventure!
We love to read about him... at school
and sing his songs.
“No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song…because it’s all good.” that's what Pete says.
This hoodie features our
 hero facing the first day of school, 
an experience that my grandson faced this year. 

As we read the book, fears were is about reading in the library, playing on the playground with new friends, adding, writing, and learning. Pete Loves It!
So here is the Pete the Cat hoodie, created to face 
the new challenge of school for my grandson, 
with our hero, Pete, by his side
Pete is Rockin His New School Shoes

On the back of the shirt, I used my Circuit to tell the story of what Pete does at school....reading, playing, writing, and adding.  

I created a sneaker just like Pete rocks at school.

 I made the hoodie...Pixie style. Adding knots to the hanging strings was easy and added more details.

This is one little boy who actually enjoys wearing the hood on his hoodies.
 Inside or doesn't matter.

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Midwest Learning Experiences Hoodie

The theme for Week 1    is called Home Sweet Home and your garment is to be inspired by what makes your area of the US so special.
I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.
Our home is just a train ride away from all the 
wonderful adventures available in this friendly, cultural city.
One thing that my granddaughter loves to do is to 
visit the Shedd Aquarium. 
Well, my granddaughter loves all creatures, large and small. 
Have you ever seen a child staring into the depths of the water in an exhibit, and knew the child's mind was just racing
with excitement as she observed and learned? 
That was probably my granddaughter!!! 

One special experience that you can do there
 is to visit the beluga whales. 

You can meet the belugas where they live! 
You can stand next to the trainer,  on an underwater ledge, 
  face-to-face with a whale. These kinds of learning experiences drive the future world changers to protect their environment.

 With her love of all creatures, I knew my 
"Future World Changer," 
would love this hoodie that I created for her.

Since I wanted your eyes to have something to feast on, regardless of the angle that you viewed the garment, I appliqued a whale on the back of the hoodie too.

So you may not think of the Midwest and whales, but our part of the country is filled with opportunities to learn more about the world and all creatures free and wild. From walks in land preserves, lead by a trainer that will help you really see the natural habitat, county farm walks, and access to a huge cultural city like Chicago, our home is so wonderful.
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