Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I love watercolors. I love how the colors flow from dark to light without having to stay within the lines.

That's why I chose to use watercolor as my design inspiration for my sew along project for Challenge One from Project Run and Play.  This watercolor painting is by Rose Ann Hayes. 

This is the dress that I created from my watercolor inspiration.
It features a full lined gathered skirt with a sparkly knit pink bodice.

It all started with a gathered skirt I bought 3 years ago on the clearance rack, because the skirt matched a pair of shoes that I had purchased. I thought I would take it apart and create a shirt for myself.  I don't wear gathered skirts anymore, and I bought the biggest size available to get the most material. I couldn't resist because you know how much I love the look created by watercolors.

 I cut out a front bodice and two back bodices and sewed the edge of the waistband to the 5/8" mark. I centered the 2 back bodices on the fabric in a way to utilize the zipper. (Which was a bit tricky! ) Then I cut down the skirt and the lining to create the individual pieces

I finished the back with a self loop and a button. Remember that the lower skirt incorporated the existing hidden zipper from the original skirt. 

And that is how I created my inspiration dress.
 She wore it yesterday at a Community Event in a large gym.
  I saw her skipping down the aisle and heard a lady comment,"There goes a little bit of Spring.  Doesn't seeing that youthful joy just make you smile."

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