Thursday, July 13, 2017

Skirting the Issue 2017: Pre-Teen Skater Skirt

Pre-teens can be
 hard to please...

So before I chose my pattern, I researched the fashions that teens seem to prefer. I found that skater skirts are very popular with teens.

 I made this skater skirt out of a lightweight pin-wale corduroy that features a black background and bright pattern.
The pattern that I used for this skirt is Simplicity 8027.
It has an elastic waistband that is sewn into an attached casing. This keeps the waist area free from bunching of fabric, and an elastic waistband makes it suitable for many different pre-teen body types.
Zig-zag the casing near the stitching line.
Then cut away the excess so it reduces the bulk of fabric at the waistline.

 Here are some different ways to sew your elastic ends together.  Don't just sew the two ends together like a regular seam, as shown in the first example.  Overlap them or sew the edges together with a small piece of soft fabric under the edges to hold it together.
Here is a little advise from this pre-teen about choosing your fabric for your skirt: 
"I think that pre-teen girls would like this pattern to make a skirt for their first day of school. It's important that you look and feel great about yourself, as you met new friends in your classes in middle school. "

"If you don't know what pre-teens like... then take a pre-teen with you to the fabric store to choose the fabrics you will be using in your skirts that you plan to donate to girls in foster care." 

So start sewing those skirts to donate to girls in the foster care program through the USA!

(P.S.  Don't you like this car!! I've been trying to get my Grandpa to save it for me when I start
 driving in 5 years.) 
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