Friday, November 29, 2013

The Christmas Outfit

 Last year I had so much fun making these Grinch Overalls that I though I would share them with you again.

It was so much fun using all these fun fabrics, and that soft black corduroy.  My granddaughter loved the fact that the Grinch was hidden inside one of the front pockets, and Cindy Lou Who was emerging out of the other pocket.

I'm going to start thinking about Christmas Outfit 2013 today, ...after I do a little shopping on Black Friday.

PS.  Did you go shopping on Thanksgiving Thursday?  Not me. It made me sad to think of all the families that had one of the few "Family Days"  disrupted by businesses wanting to get a head start on those Christmas shopping dollars. We had 14 family members over for dinner, and I treasured every minute of our time together. :)


Monday, October 7, 2013

Keeping Slipcovers Tucked

Have you ever used foam tiles for your flooring? 
 We used it in the basement in our granddaughters play area. 
I've found a new use for the tear off connectors that you don't use in your design.
Use them to keep your slipcovers tucked in tightly.
This is what happens when you don't tuck in the foam connectors.

First tuck in the fabric so everything lies nice and smooth.

Lay the foam connector next to the tuck in area.

Push the connectors into the crease.
And that's all there is to it !
Add your cushions.

Done... and it stays that way!



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Updated Handcrafted Ethnic

Don't you love to weave together all the parts of a
 finely created design?
That describes me.
I love to weave all the elements of  the finished project in my head.
First, I plan the overall theme.
Today's theme is Updated Handcrafted Ethnic. 

Next, I think about just the right color and pattern to suit the theme and the wearer of the finished project.
So the process begins... first the handcrafted. I made this lace and fabric insert for the blouse.


 Adding a knit lining behind the bodice.
The completed bodice front.

Next the color...
I wanted this outfit to feature autumn colors- brown, gold, teal, forest green, pink (that bright pink that sugar maple leaves turn in the fall), and a creamy white to blend all the colors together.

Pattern is so important to ethnic designs. I love the freedom that ethnic designs have to mix patterns. What fun it was to add these accessories to the mix.
A bit of lace and a sparkly button pin that I made to go on the vest
A different kind of button latch

The secret ingredient...HIDDEN SPARKLE!
Adding a band of color to the sparkle underskirtGold embroidery thread was used with a double ladder stitch to attach the color band to the bottom of the underskirt. After sewing the excess fabric was cut off next to the stitching to create a smooth finish. I sewed an underskirt that can be added to the outfit out of shiny gold flecked fabric and edged the circle skirt with a band of teal.

And now a look at my creation that I created in my head...
and worn by my favorite rock star!
"What should I sing?"


The individual pieces:

 My first time ever sewing on a sweater knit.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my personal style...
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