Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Updated Handcrafted Ethnic

Don't you love to weave together all the parts of a
 finely created design?
That describes me.
I love to weave all the elements of  the finished project in my head.
First, I plan the overall theme.
Today's theme is Updated Handcrafted Ethnic. 

Next, I think about just the right color and pattern to suit the theme and the wearer of the finished project.
So the process begins... first the handcrafted. I made this lace and fabric insert for the blouse.


 Adding a knit lining behind the bodice.
The completed bodice front.

Next the color...
I wanted this outfit to feature autumn colors- brown, gold, teal, forest green, pink (that bright pink that sugar maple leaves turn in the fall), and a creamy white to blend all the colors together.

Pattern is so important to ethnic designs. I love the freedom that ethnic designs have to mix patterns. What fun it was to add these accessories to the mix.
A bit of lace and a sparkly button pin that I made to go on the vest
A different kind of button latch

The secret ingredient...HIDDEN SPARKLE!
Adding a band of color to the sparkle underskirtGold embroidery thread was used with a double ladder stitch to attach the color band to the bottom of the underskirt. After sewing the excess fabric was cut off next to the stitching to create a smooth finish. I sewed an underskirt that can be added to the outfit out of shiny gold flecked fabric and edged the circle skirt with a band of teal.

And now a look at my creation that I created in my head...
and worn by my favorite rock star!
"What should I sing?"


The individual pieces:

 My first time ever sewing on a sweater knit.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my personal style...


  1. I love the cream shirt with the vest and underskirt... beautiful outfit. I love all the details you included in all of the pieces, especially the pieced lace. =)

  2. Fantastic! I love the mixing & matching & it's fun, fun, fun!

  3. I LOVE all the details you put in....lovely!!!


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