Sunday, March 19, 2017

Repurposed Jean Skirt with Ruffle

I've made many jean top skirts like this one. I donated them to girls in foster care through the  CASA program and as part of the "Skirting The Issue Sew Along" with Project Run and Play.  When my granddaughter saw it, she wondered if this skirt was for "a girl that we don't know, or will never meet,...but needs our help."  
"No,  answered her grandmother. It's for you."

Does the fabric look familar? 
Yeap, it's part of my 2017 Bohemian Collection.   

I did buy her a jean jacket to go along with her recycled skirt. Sometimes, with a great sale, it's just cheaper to buy than sew.

If you want to make this skirt, here are some links to the different blog posts that show you, with written instructions and photos, how to make the skirt.

Creating the jean pants yoke for the skirt

Making the Flowers 

Using a Printable Step-by- Step Chart to Calculate How to Cut Out Your Ruffles and Connecting Pieces, Regardless of the Size of Skirt (You will be able to click on the provided chart to take you to my Google Drive. Then  you can print a copy of the chart for yourself.)

Sewing the Ruffles and Connecting Tiers to the Skirt Yoke

 Sewing the Flowers to the Skirt


  1. The flowers are a really fun touch! Great job!

  2. What a cute skirt and a good idea to repurpose old jeans! My girls put holes in their jeans so fast, I might use this idea to turn them into skirts. :)

  3. Adorable skirt! I love the fabric flowers!


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