Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bohemian Top

Bohemian style is meant to embody the free spirited girl who wants to express herself in her clothing 
and has the freedom to style the look as she pleases.
 Add that philosophy to sewing for a pre-teen girl and you can understand that sewing for my granddaughter has changed. 
She no longer leaves all the design of the clothing I make her to me. 
She NOW actively participates in the process.
I "harvested" the fabric from a soft, somewhat transparent, tye-dyed beach wrap to make this top.I loved the drapey quality of the fabric and how the colors just flowed from one hue to another. I knew I would have to line the blouse for modesty sake, but it was worth it.
AND my granddaughter loved it too.
First, I use the Hazel Blouse pattern from Petite Stitchery. It's part of their new Boho Collection.
I loved those sleeves, but my pre-teen did not.
 "I just want short little sleeves, like the shirt I showed you," she explained.
"But these are so beautiful and romantic," I argued.
I wanted those sleeves, so I made it that way anyway. I figured that once she put it on, that she would love them too.
My bohemian, pre-teen granddaughter's was
 committed to her design.
So in the end... I cut them off and created a small cap sleeve... but I yearned for those sleeves, and ended up creating this matching purse made with the cut off sleeve. (so I guess we both won.) I  just sewed the sleeve band together, and then created a bottom with a piece two pieces of stiff felt.

 I think together we created an unique, edgy yet feminine look.

I added a zipper in the center back since this pattern was designed for knits. That was an easy adaptation, as I just did not place the back pattern piece on the fold and added a seam allowance for the zipper when cutting out the pattern piece.  
I changed this purchased flower headband to include flowers that pulled the red-purple color fro the top.

Since my flower was just too big, I pulled the flower apart and just used the petals on the headpiece.  



  1. Very cute! Such a fun way to adapt the pattern!

    1. It is a beautiful crafted pattern that goes together so nicely.

  2. Cute top, headband & purse! Isn't it just so fun being the grandma?

  3. Very nice! It's a whole new challenge when they start designing with you. My teenage sister is very specific about her design when we "collaborate" on outfits. 😊

  4. I feel better knowing I am not alone! My daughters dictate a lot of my designs, too. I am glad that you are both happy! :)

  5. What a cute top and purse! My oldest daughter is 9 and also very opiniated about what I sew for her. :)


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