Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Creating a Special Place Just for Kids.

Okay, today I am taking a break from sewing. I told you that we bought a new house, but we can't move in just yet.  The house has a lot of "bumps and bruises" from the last owner and we must fix them first.

I also want to create a special play area in the basement for my two granddaughters that live with us.  I want it to be a place that says, "This is your home too."

So the first thing that I did was to paint the basement concrete walls with white masonry paint. Let me tell you that concrete soaks up the paint, even though this paint has primer included in the paint.

But I sure love how fresh and clean it make the space look.

Next, I put down soft cushiony mat 2 x 2 squares in 4 different colors. I just placed them randomly. I even cut them out so they would fit close up to the wall.  My husband helped me. With the white walls and primary colored mats, the space now is beginning to feel welcoming.

Here is the first item that I added to the playroom, "Barbie's Dreamhouse."  I forgot that it was in the attic, and now that I have been packing I rediscovered it.  I went on the internet and found tons of links about how to construct your own Barbie Dream House furniture. I thought that might be a fun project for my granddaughters and I to do together.  I think we passed the furniture on to a friend of ours when she was young so she could play with it.


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