Sunday, December 6, 2015

Love You Still... Great-Grandma Kelly

This fabric manipulation submission to the Project Run and Play November Contest 
was created by my 
Great- Grandmother and me.  She created these flower garden quilt patches in the early 1960's and I've saved them all these years.  

Some are pretty. . . and some are an unique combination of fabrics she would draw out of her sewing basket.

 She would hand-sew the pieces together while we watched TV together. I remember that she liked Roller Derby and Wrestling on TV. 
 I just liked being with her.

 I created the fabric with layers. Backing, flannel center, purple polished cotton, and then the quilt squares.
I also added diagonal quilting lines and free hand machine-stitched embroidery with sparkly ribbon thread. 

Then I washed the whole fabric and dried it with a hot dryer temperature to shrink the flannel and create a soft quilt fabric.

I love how the old and the new blended together.

Since the fabric is heavier than most fabric used to create a child's top, I reduced the bulk of all the seams by zigzagging close to the seams and trimming the excess. I bound the hems with bias tape, just like you would a quilt.

My hope is that when my Granddaughter wears this top, it will feel like she is wrapped in a warm, soft, cozy quilt made by her Grandmother and Great-Great-Great-Grandmother.

Love you still Great-Grandma Kelly,


  1. What a great top! And it's so awesome that your daughter helped you design. I am so sorry it it's taking me so long to resond to your comment about the Ottobre magazine. I can't email you back, since you are showing as a non-reply blogger. I meant to leave a comment on your lbog earlier, but got to busy with the pattern release. I had a subscription, you can get it through Wolly Threads. But if you just want one magazine, many places sell it on etsy. Just search for Ottobre while you are there. :)


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