Wednesday, February 3, 2016

REYwear: Locator and Messenger Rusksack Bag

Foreword Note: This bag was designed as part of an Internet Sewing Challenge by Project Run and Play.  The challenge is to design children's clothing inspired by Cos Play. I am creating an everyday outfit for a child from Jakku that is inspired by Rey from Star Wars.This bag will accompany the everyday outfit.

... And so the story goes....
In order to survive, Rey became a talented scavenger in the planet's Starship Graveyard, which was littered with the remains of starships and other war technology from the Battle of Jakku. She also gained skills as a linguist and a pilot, all of which were necessary to survive on the planet.  Despite growing up in a harsh environment, Rey is very compassionate towards others.

She knows other children from Jakku scavenge parts too, in order to help their families buy food.


So,  this  Locator and Messenger Bag was designed to keep children safe by allowing them to communicate with their parents, and the other children with them, while scavenging .


First, a scavenged communicator is striped of it's communication panel.

 This panel is then encased in the rucksack bag. This feature lets the children communicate with their parents so they know where they are, in case there is a problem, or they become lost in the desert while playing.  

On the side of the bag, locator panels have been encased into the pocket. These locator panels help the children find valuable parts and test the part to see if it worth salvaging because it still works.

The lined rucksack is also helpful while carrying books to school, or salvaged parts.  The bag is closed with Velcro patches and a belt.

The bag itself is padded and lined to protect against parts jabbing into your back.  The shoulder straps are padded too since books and parts are sometimes quite heavy. 

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Reywear Romper, Belt, Body Scarf, Mini-Pouch, and Arm Guards.




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