Friday, March 30, 2018

Project Run and Play Challenge: Inspired by Outer Space

I've always loved gazing at the moon.  The way it changed fascinated me as a child.  I can remember my parents reading me book after book about the moon.   Fiction or non-fiction it didn't matter!
So the moon and it's phases 
are the inspiration for my design this week.
When I designed the pockets for this romper, they mimic the shape of the first quarter and last quarter moons. 
I also chose a deep grayed purple french terry knit fabric contrasted by the bright yellow striped knit.  I wanted to show the contrast of the dark and light side of the moon. 

Next, I wanted to highlight the fact 
that the moon is always changing.  
I used Burda pattern     which features 
8 segmented pieces for the shirt front. 

Now I know this is a bit abstract in thinking, but I wanted the segmented pieces to show how the moon phases are always changing and repeating. I cut-out the stripes going in different directions and even used different ways to top stitch the segments. 
(If you like this pattern and want to use it yourself, I want you to know that I made some changes to the construction of the pattern and didn't follow the Burda instructions exactly.) 

I repeated the pattern of purple and stripe to show that each month the moon phases repeat themselves.
  For the top fabric, I used both a matching color single knit, that is deep grayed purple in color too and has a smooth finish, 
and the original stripe fabric from the romper.  

  Miss C is on her spring break and I couldn't get a picture of her in her new romper and t-shirt. The romper has straps that cross in the back and have elastic in the back waistband only.
That romper turned out a bit wild with it's harem legs,
 but she loves it as it is so comfy! 
The legs of the romper come just to the knees. 
I even made her an Easter Bunny wired headband 
to go with her outfit!


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  1. I love how you pieced together that top! It is a fantastic finished project!


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