Monday, April 9, 2018

Using the Fancy Stitches on Your Machine

You know how much I love to recycle!
Well, I had this flowered fabric and I wanted to make some shorts to go with the top that I was planning.

This is also a perfect time to use some of those fancy stitches on my sewing machine that I never use.

First, I used fabric tailor chalk and created a grid on one side of the shorts. 
Next, I selected an embroidery pattern that a pre-teen would like....XXXXX.
This particular pattern sews over the X's twice so it is nice and bold. I could have used 2 red threads at a time too. 

Yeap, I sewed through the pocket too.
Now, I matched up the grid on the other side of the shorts. 
Add more XXXXX.
Keep going.... it's really fun.
By the way, I only put the XXXX on the front of the shorts.
I don't have a fancy sewing machine that makes embroidery patches, so I used part of my sewing stash... these cute flowers to match the flowers in the fabric I found for my top. All I did was carefully iron them on.
If you do have an embroidery machine, this would be a great time to use your machine again and embroider some flowers directly onto the jeans. 
So I hope you have enjoyed my little tutorial, and plan to have some fun yourself creating with those machine stitches that you never use!


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