Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Upcycled Tent into a Grocery Bag and Organizer System: Adding the Straps

 When working with this nylon tent material, how do you securely sew on your 
Dritz 1.5" Belting/Strapping?
Here is my suggestion:
1.Create a sandwich of nylon tent fabric, sew-on interfacing, and strapping.

2. Sew a large rectangle as wide as possible through all 3 layers.
3. Press under the 4 edges of a small rectangle of cotton fabric to form a "patch." I used a fabric from Windham Fabrics in their new "Fantasy" line. Place the rectangle on top of the strapping so it overlaps the strapping about half way. Sew around the edge of the rectangle and then diagonally through the patch from one side to the other.

 4. Using a small scissors, trim away any interfacing that is showing.
5. Now, to make the handle easier to use, fold the strapping in half and sew near both edges, the open edge and the folded edge. Sew only the middle area of the strapping.

You can see in the picture below how the finished strap looks on your Upcycled Grocery Bag and Organizer System.

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