Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unisex Overalls

One promise to my granddaughter
  +                                boys week
 equals...             unisex overalls

That's how this math teacher solved the problem of what to make during the "boys week" challenge for Project Run and Play.

"I love dogs!"
In my last post, I mentioned that I promised my granddaughter that I would make something for her for the next challenge since the stripes and dots skirt turned out for her sister instead of her.  So after thinking about it for 2 days... I came up with the idea of overalls using Kwik Sew patterb 3948.  I found this cute dog material that could actually work for boys or girls

"You just had to add that rick rack stuff... didn't you!"
I did "girlie" it up with rick rack on the pockets. I embroidered a dog on the front pocket to personalize it for C. She wanted the dog to be "fluffy."

I use this trick to make my rounded edge pockets:

1. Cut out the desired pocket and a lightweight facing for the pocket.

2. Sew around the pocket using your desired seam allowance.

3. Cut a slit in the center of the pocket facing, and turn the pocket right side out. Trim, clip the seam allowance, and press with an iron.

4. Now the trick... use stitch witchery to seal the hole closed by applying heat.  Now the pocket is ready to be sewn on your garment.
"That's a great trick Deborah!"

Comfy, able to be worn by a girl or a boy, and cozy was the big idea behind the whole outfit.
"They are comfy!"

"I wish I had some red overalls like these! Do you think she will earn a blue ribbon?!"




  1. Thanks for the tip on making the pockets. I don't have much experience with sewing the pockets so I really appreciate the tip. I love the fluffy dog, nice touch!


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