Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Princess Dress Hangers

I've been participating in the Project Run and Play sew-along. This weeks challenge was to make a formal or special occasion dress.  I thought long and hard about this and had made up my mind to sew a special princess dress for my granddaughters to use in their "Dress Up" area.  They love to dress up and put on special dance  performances for their Mom, Papa (Grandpa) , and Grandmother (me).

Yet, I have to admit that I was reluctant to begin... as visions of the mess they also create with their dresses danced in my head.
 I've tried "Boxes or trunks"..  yuck.
I purchased a cabinet to hang up the dresses in.... and they don't use the Velcro to button up the dress and it falls off the hanger onto the bottom of the cabinet.

So instead of sewing another dress, I put my creative thoughts into solving this problem and created...
Princess Dress Hangers.

It doesn't matter if the Velcro closure is shut

 or Open!
 Here is how you make them. Use a wire hanger that you receive from your dry cleaners.
 In the area where it starts to curve downward, grab a hold of the top and bottom layers. With the other hand grasp the end of the hanger.
 Pull the end upward, and bend the hanger so it looks like this.
 Now, bend the other side of the hanger.

Cut a piece of fleece 3 inches by 2 inches and fold. Sew along the bottom to form a tube.

 Slip the tube onto the end of the hanger. Then put the hanger and tube under your presser foot and tighten the tube by sewing the outward edge closer to the wire hanger.

 I sewed a long tube and then cut them into individual pieces, as I was making quite a few Princess dress  hangers.
This is what the hanger looks like when you are finished. Notice that I placed a tension rod in between two storage cabinets in the girls playroom area. The rod is placed so the long dresses are just off the floor.
I wanted the girls, ages 4 and 6 to be able to hang them up  themselves without my help.

I taught them how to put the dresses on the hangers.
Scoop one side and then scoop the other side!
The dress slips into the fleece valley and stays there.
SO... this is my creative formal dress idea.
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  1. From one grandmother to another - BRILLIANT!

    1. Thanks,
      I was hoping that by sharing my idea it would help others with the same problem.

  2. This idea is brilliant I totally want to make some for my little girl!


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