Thursday, June 19, 2014

Built-in Bookcase/Windowseat: Finished Cushion, Part 9

I'm so excited...I finished my cushion and I just LOVE IT!
 It is the best fitting cushion that I've ever made.

When I made these 20 yards of piping, the job seemed a bit overwhelming, but I just took it step-by-step
 and it all came together.

After I sewed on the top row of piping on the windowseat top, I realized that it was about one-half inch too big, and would not be as tight a fit that I wanted. 
 So since it was late at night,
 I went  to bed muttering nasty words.

At 5:00am, I was up with my ripper pulling all that piping off and  recutting the top one-half inch smaller. I just knew that the work would make a finished project that I would be happier with in the end.  
Yeap, much better when I tried the top on again. 

Just look at that nice tight fit.
Here is another related post about making the cushion: Making a pattern and cutting the foam for the cushion



  1. It came out great and so worth all that annoying seam ripping!
    I would like to say that it never happened to me, but I can't:)
    Lovely job!

  2. What a beautiful window seat area. Your cushion is a perfect match and looks lovely.

  3. That is very gorgeous! Great job!

  4. Not only is your window seat gorgeous beyond belief - but that whole area is stunning!!!
    My mouth is hanging open - and I'm ohsoclose to actually drooling!
    Beautiful job!


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