Friday, October 3, 2014

Sewing for Sensitive Skin Kids

Sensitive Skin Kids hate
 Ouchy, Itchy, Scratchy, and Ewey Clothes.
When I sew for my granddaughter, I must consider her sensitive skin. She’s been that way since she was born.   Sensitive skin is actually a very common condition for light-haired, fair skinned kids.
Ready for a day at school in her new comfortable one piece romper/jumpsuit.

So part of my Signature Style 
is to sew clothes that take 
 sensitivity into consideration.

Sleeve seam
  • I have found that soft natural fabrics, such as cotton knits tend to be the least irritating. 
  • I don't put cute little tags in the clothes I make for her. 
  • When I choose a design to sew, I pay attention to how it is constructed and try to create a smooth inner surface next to her skin.
  • If something feels a little scratchy or rough to me, I know it will feel a hundred times worse to her. 
  • I also try to reduce the bulk in seams, and usually serge the inside seams with a soft cotton thread.  
    I used a soft cotton elastic that I zigzagged into the waistline seam.
  • In this outfit, I attached ribbons to to the front yoke. So I knew that I would have to line the front yoke with a soft cotton knit too.  
  • I put a zipper into this romper. I don't often use zippers and I never use one with metal teeth. As she wears this outfit, I will find out if the zipper in the romper is a problem or not. I probably should have added a cotton knit placket behind the zipper like one of these below

If I need her to try a garment on during construction, it must be basted together. Once I used pins and they scratched her, and she has not forgiven me yet! Every time she tries on an outfit I hear, "Does it have pins?"
I even basted in the zipper to see if she found it too Ouchy, Itchy, Scratchy, or Ewey 
before sewing it in permanently.

I self-drafted this pattern, as she seems to like one-piece rompers.

I added a collar only in the front as she sometimes says the collar itches the back of her neck.

So as you can see, my Signature Style is about . . . ouchyless, itchyless, scratchyless, eweyless and making her life a little easier.



  1. All the trim on the bodice is so fun!

  2. Aw, you are a great mom! I do like lined clothes for my daughter, but I am not as careful as you are. A lots of thoughts must go into everything you sew for her. Great job!

  3. Cute jumpsuit. Does it have zip or buttons at front?


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