Friday, April 24, 2015

Sewing Lessons with Miss E and Me: Making Patterns

When my grandmother makes a pattern or adapts a pattern, she used this material:

Pellon Tru Grid Tracing Material

She just adapted a sling bag pattern and I saw her use it to make her pattern.

She says she likes it because of the 1 inch printed grid on the see through non-woven fabric. The grid makes it easy to cut a pattern that is on the straight of grain and is the correct measurement.
All that talk about "straight of grain" reminded me of when we made a weaving in art class. 

When you put your fabric pieces on the fabric, you need to measure from an arrow on the pattern to the edge of the fabric so your pattern will be straight on one of the threads that are woven together to make the material. 
Threads Magazine has this article that tells you more about that with great pictures:

She even tries out her patterns on me before cutting them out sometimes because the see through material can be sewn or basted like real material. 

It's like trying on a really weird see through dress.... (and I won't share of picture of that with you .)

But here's another "weird picture" of me

Miss E and Me

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