Monday, April 27, 2015

Babies on an Airplane Sitting Next to YOU!

We've all heard horror stories about sitting next to a
 crying, restless, young child on a plane...

but I wanted to share this delightful story about my recent experience.
Directly across the row from me were the empty seats that I just knew would be filled with the
 young mother and baby that I had noticed in the airport waiting area.
Sure enough, they were my seatmates. 

After they were seated, the mother began handing out small baggies
to passengers seated near her and the baby.
 The baggie contained this note:

Hello fellow passenger! My name is Caden and
 I'm 11 months old! This is my first flight and I'm
very excited! Thank you for being brave enough to
to sit by me. I will try to be on my very best 
behavior but in case I get a little loud my Mom
included some ear plugs! She also wanted you 
to have a few treats. I hope you like them and 
have an enjoyable flight!

Inside the baggie was the note, candy, and soft ear plugs.
That was one smart Mama!!!


1 comment:

  1. I was wishing I had thought of such a thing the last time we took a flight. I got some really nasty looks from the passengers around me when my 1 year old could not be consoled. Will have to figure out how many drink coupons to buy ahead of time to stick in those baggies. :)


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