Friday, May 1, 2015

Sewing Lessons with Miss E and Me: Pressing as You Sew

Look, my Mom bought me my very own iron to use while I sew!
It's just my size because it fits my hand and that lets me control the iron easily. It steams too.

When I was excited about using it, my Grandma just smiled, and said that most females aren't so excited about receiving an iron.  I wonder why?

Oh well, irons make a humungous difference !!!!!
You need to press your seams open 
as you sew
Check out this experiment:
First,  I sewed a seam, then went onto the next step, and sewed another piece of fabric across one end without doing any pressing.

 Then when I was all done, I tried to press it flat
 because it looked so messy.
In the picture, the pin is pointing to the little creases that formed when I pressed it from the right side of the material.
 It's not terrible, but it's not the best either.
Part 2 
First, I pressed the stitches flat on the wrong side of the fabric.
My Grandma says that this will set your stitches into your fabric and smooth the seam. 
Using your fingers, open the seam and finger press it a bit.
Be careful, because your fabric is warm.
Then,  get ready to press the seams open with your iron.

Don't press over pins or basting stitches. You could melt the plastic heads of your pins or scratch the bottom of your iron. The pressed basting stitches can leave an impression in your material that is hard to iron out later.
Mostly press your fabric on the wrong side of the material.

    Now, turn your fabric over and 
    press the seam on the right side.
    Doesn't this look nice?
    Look at the seam where the pin is little tuck, just flat and smooth.
    I hope our experiment helped you see why it is important to press your seams as you sew and not wait to the end when you are finished.

    Miss E and Me

    P.S. Next Friday we will be looking at pressing curved seams...see you then.

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