Monday, May 4, 2015

Sewing Lesson: Pop Quiz

Last Friday, Miss E learned one way to press seam allowances. 
 So I thought she should have a little 

With her winnings from Project Run and Play, we worked with Riley Blake fabrics to order this
Wiltshire Daisy Doll panel to make this darling American Girl Doll outfit.  In addition, we ordered some of the matching fabric to make a dress for Miss E too.

So on to the POP QUIZ!  I asked Miss E to come up to the sewing room.  I had sewn the shoulder seams on the top and I asked her to show me how to press that seam.

1. Press the seam flat on the wrong side to set the stitches.

2. Use your fingers to open the seam and press it down with your fingers.

 3.  Press the seam open with steam in your iron on the wrong side of the fabric. Up and down----
not slide side to side.

 4. Let it cool, then flip the fabric over so you can see the outside of your fabric.
 5.  Press right on the seam one more time.
A++++  Work

Why the Pop Quiz? 
 Well, as a teacher, I know that research says that it takes multiple exposures or experiences to learn a new concept. So I'm trying to provide Miss E with those same multiple exposures while learning to sew.  This quick little lesson reinforced what she knew, and provided a chance for her to describe in words the same process again...
those important multiple exposures.


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