Monday, May 16, 2016

Aunt Laurie's "Home From the Beach" Fairy House

Aunt Laurie lives in North Carolina.
She loves the ocean and the beach.

So when she sent my granddaughters these beachy fairy furniture pieces, we decided to create a 
"Home From the Beach" Fairy House
and dedicate it to her and all the Aunts that 
send thoughtful gifts to their nieces and nephews. 
(and Grand-Nieces too.)

This fairy doesn't sleep in an ordinary Midwest twig bed.....

Her house isn't created to keep out the Midwest snow, but to let in the summer breezes and show off beautiful 
starfish and shells.

Starfish on 3 sides of the house.  Each one is different.
This fairy loves the water and needs a pool and fountain to remind her about the wonderful ocean.
I plan to glue the shiny blue beads into the shell fountain.

Beach glass pebbles form her patio.

Solar powered lights light up the house at night for 
nighttime fairy parties.
( Yes, we know that our Aunt Laurie is quite the hostess and everyone wants to go to her parties!)
Adding solar powered lights to the wooden birdhouse.
Night-time photo, with the lights outlining the fairy house.

We think these Dragon Wing Begonias will be spectacular as 
they grow into beautiful, flowery plants. 
 Image result for dragon leaf begonia

So, thanks Aunt Laurie, for sending us a bit of the beach
here in the Midwest.

You are so kind and this fairy house is dedicated to 

Deborah and the Girls 


  1. Two of my favorite things - faerie houses and the beach!! It would be great if you would share this at the DIY party on Pleasures of the NW!

  2. I had to stop by and check out your shell house, I'm a sucker for starfish. Very very cute! I love that old bird cage and am a bit jealous of the fairy this was made for. lol

    1. Audra...would you like a bed in a giant conch shell too?


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