Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fairy Book House

Creating my Fairy Garden was so much fun.

First, I started with this wooden storage container that looks like 4 books standing together.
I purchased it at a garage sale for three dollars. 
 It also had a book drawer under the four books, but I separated them into two pieces.

Next, I used contractors glue and glued the container shut.

Before gluing it though, I did cut a hole out of the side of one of the books and glued in a window.
Where did I get the window?  
I bought this Fisher Price toy castle and pulled apart the windows and the WORKING  drawbridge!
I love how the drawbridge cranks up and down, but I didn't like the bright blue color. So I painted it.

I roughed up the plastic surface, but I don't know if the paint will flake later.  If it flakes, I plan to buy outdoor paint and repaint it.

Notice how I painted a black rectangle to simulate 
the "dark opening."
I cranked the drawbridge closed.
  My granddaughters love this feature.
 Here is the finished Fairy Book House, 
with the little twig chair I made. 

 Personally, I think the fairy that decided to live in this house,  likes to read her fairy tales outside while sitting in that chair.

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  1. How fun! Tinkerbell and her friends would LOVE to move in.


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