Monday, November 14, 2016

Emoji Polartec Vest

Emoji Power!

Kids love emoji. I bought this emoji graphic t-shirt and a pair of emoji jeans from Justice for my granddaughter.
Then I added my own creation... this double layer emoji vest.
I used reverse applique to make a large emoji on the back of the vest.

Here are some "how-to's" about reverse applique on Polartec fleece.
 1. Because Polartec fleece does not ravel, it is perfect for this technique. Choose a medium weight fleece so you will have clean, sharp edges.
2.   There is no need to put stabilizer behind the shape because you will be straight stitching and not zigzagging the outline so the fabric won't stretch out of shape.
3.  Place the two edges together and baste the outer edges of the layers together.  Trace your shape on the top fabric using a Chacopel Pencil from Clover. They mark easily on fleece and stay marked until you rub out the marks. Be careful and don't over-sharpen- just to a medium point. (A fine point will break too easily.) I ordered my pencil kit from Walmart and picked it up at my local store, though I'm sure they are available at other stores you might have in your area.

4.  I used 2 different colors of thread in the needle and bobbin to match each fleece color.
5. Straight stitch around the shape. (This would be a great place to use an outline stitch in some machine embroidery pre-made patterns too.) 
6.  Using sharp scissors, carefully trim away the inside of the motif, TRIMMING JUST THE TOP LAYER! This will reveal the contrast fleece underneath.  


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  1. This is such a cute idea! My daughter would love it :) Thank you!


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