Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Fall Inspired Bomper Jacket with Hipster Raccoon

When you look closely at the fabric you will see deep into the woods at dusk in the fall. Then to add to the's a hipster raccoon!
This bomber jacket was made with the Jolie Charlie Bomber Jacket pattern.
Peeking out from the jacket is a long sleeve shirt with
 cold shoulders that I designed.
 It has a curved hemline
 the sleeves are finished with a band.
Now you can see the 
cold shoulders
on the sleeve. 

She told me that this is how pre-teens 
wear this outfit!



  1. I love this so much Deborah! She is such a gorgeous girl too. I really want her bomber jacket for myself!

  2. Karly,
    Thanks. Yes, I want that Bomber jacket too. It's funny that I am making her clothing from a pattern that has sizes that would fit me too. (Jalie, The Charlie Bomber Jacket.)


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