Monday, May 27, 2019

The Woods in Your Own Backyard

Have you ever been inspired to design an outfit based on what
 you see each day?
  Well, this is what I see out my window each day:
Yes,  these beautiful woods are right
 in my backyard. 

When I saw this fabric, I was reminded  of my very own woods...................
In the Fall, my woods are full of color...  pink, orange,  brown, and yellow.

 If you look closely at the cat's shirt, you will see the fabric that the matching shorts are made with... fun!  

It was late at night when I was creating this outfit, and I go carried away and even made a little cat face as a back pocket. 

 The completed pocket. 

So my outfit was 
inspired by
where I live.Image may contain: people standing



  1. I love the way your design evolves as you go. It's just the sort of thing I like to do!

    1. You certainly are correct... my creations evolve as I audition different combinations of fabrics.


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