Sunday, November 11, 2012

Evergreen Branches Filled Planters for M y Front Porch

Today, I've been creating some evergreen planters for my front porch for Christmas.  I use the earth from my summer planters as the base for the evergreen branches. I made them in the garage today and will be watering them until the weather is cold enough for the earth in the planters to freeze. Usually I am running outside in the cold from pine tree to pine tree cutting and gathering my greens.

I just love using things in nature from my yard to make my evergreen pots. I used four different kinds of evergreens.  I will probably add a few large red and green plastic ornaments to give them a bit more color.  Last year I found these sparkly red cardinals on clips and I add two to each planter.  You can't really see them in these pictures, but I also wired pine cones to wood shim sticks and inserted them into the greens also. 

I make two planters for my front porch as I like symmetry. 

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