Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fat Quarter Dress

This week's challenge on Project Run and Play is "Details."

Deborah used the following details while creating this dress:
Distinctively unique embroidery 
Experimenting with fabric  
    For example, the applique work on this dress came from a pre-printed fabric panel. I cut out the individual designs that I wanted to add to my dress adding a 1/8 inch margin all around the design. Next, I finger pressed the 1/8 inch margin under and basted it in place. After placing it in position on the dress, I hand stitched it to the dress.

Basic sewing skills that I am always striving to improve.
 This outfit features  applied ribbon on each seam. I tried a new technique using 1/4" fusible webbing to temporarily hold it into place until it was topstitched. This resulted in smoothly applied ribbon, and it also made it so much easier!
Oh, how I love choosing colors and patterns that work together.
       This dress combines 4 different colored fat quarters, and a fabric panel. The turquoise fabric was actually considered a "Christmas fabric" of a stylized snowball, but I thought it blended well and was in the 40% off stack. Turquoise is a wonderful color that makes a big splash.  Since you see turquoise used a lot in current fashions, I was able to find  cute turquoise shoes to complement Miss C's dress. 
Resourceful- whether I am using new or recycled materials.
      Here I used the reverse side of the ribbon, because it was the perfect color!
 Don't forget to check out the reverse side of the ribbon. One time I used both sides of a  ribbon in a single garment to give it a unique look.

Appliqued heart shapes provided the inspiration for the heart shaped buttons down the back of the dress. Repeating a pattern creates a flow in the design.

Happiest when my sewing creations bring joy to others.
     I love creating and individualizing designs for the people I sew for in my life. Miss C likes bright colors, AND my daughter challenged me to use more vibrant color combinations. I have a tendency to use pink, pastels, and small prints.

    Using the fat quarters gave me just the push I needed to experiment with vibrant colors.
I used the pattern,
 "Olivia's Best Dress"
 by Emily Taylor.

I hope you enjoyed my dress. 

P.S.  I love when you leave comments, because it  makes me feel like I am  connecting with another person that loves sewing like  I do :)





  1. Deborah, your dress is fantastic!, Love the colors, the details, everything. Well done!!!

  2. I so enjoyed reading this post...about the details and how you made the choices you did for the fabrics and details. So great. (And the dress is adorable to by the way.)

  3. I love the colors that you used. I have a few fat quarters that are just begging for a project like this.

  4. What an absolutely adorable dress! I can't decide what to do with this week's challenge.

  5. this is adorable! I love the bird appliques and the way you tied the hearts in to the buttons.... :)


    1. Mel,
      The birds are my favorite part of the dress too.

  6. Replies
    1. Olga,
      I agree. The applique makes the dress special.

  7. Deborah,
    The whole thing turned out to be really lovely! I thought it was a great idea to use ribbon to segment you colors. I wish I would have used that technique here- I am going to have to try that at some point! The dress has so many details that tie it all together. Thanks for sewing along- we are really grateful for your inspiration!
    way to go Momma!
    with love,

    1. Jo,
      Thanks for calling my dress an inspiration. I find that as I follow the fabulous sewers on Project Run and Play that is I that am inspired.

  8. This is such a fun dress! Love the ribbons, and I'm impressed that you hand-sewed the appliques. =)

  9. I really like all the dresses you've made! Very creative. Good job!

  10. What a gorgeous dress!

  11. Stunning!!! I would love to get your pattern! Where can I find it?


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