Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Preparation For the Mudroom

I've been playing with these Flor Carpet Tiles for 45 minutes. I love the quality of the tiles.  I know they are going to function well in the Mud Room.   I'm so excited, because I know these tiles are going to bring a pop of excitement also to the room that I've been creating.  

Since all the storage cabinets so far are white, the room will need a bit of color.  I'm thinking of sewing the fabric storage boxes for the shelves on the two lockers because I want them to fill the shelves.  They are going to be 18" X 14" X 10". 

 I'm either going to use red or dark brown.  Maybe, I'll use both colors.  I could make brown ones for the bottom shelf and red ones for the second shelf.  

I'll need to take one of the tiles to the fabric store tomorrow as there are so many different tones of reds.  I know they have a perfect dark brown that I can use, but the red.... we will see.

I've been tearing down drywall, and pulling out ceramic tile from the 70's, so I really needed this boost to keep me focused on finishing this project.


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