Friday, April 7, 2017

Embellishing Jeans With Diagonal Stitching

Now that I finished my top, it was time to embellish the coordinating recycled jeans shorts.  I noticed that the flower fabric was printed on the diagonal. That inspired me to sew a line of XXXXXXXXX in a diagonal pattern on the front of the shorts. Then I could here-and- there repeat the flowers inside the diagonal squares.
First, I sewed the diagonals on one side of the shorts front.

Next, I carried that pattern over to the right side, 
so your eye would see a continuing pattern.
Iron on the flower patches...yikes...I love it!!!!!
I would totally buy these shorts if I saw them in a store.
On the back of the shorts, I outlined each of the 2 pockets in the same red XXXXXXX. I so seldom use the fancy stitches that are on my sewing machine. These XXXX were fun to use, and still grown-up enough for a pre-teen girl.  


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