Friday, June 29, 2018

One-piece Knit Romper with Shorts

Miss Comfy loves her new knit one-piece romper. 

It has a built-in panel that allows the bodice front to gracefully lay in pleats with complete coverage. 
It's easy to get on...just slip it over your neck.
Here's a look at the back.

Front view.
 It's a  German pattern that I bought online from Makerist.
Here is the name of the pattern:

  Jumpsuit SummerBreeze Junior Gr. 122-164

Von Mamili 1910  

Note: One thing that I changed in this pattern is the size of the band that goes around the waist. I shorten the width in the front slightly, and sewed a piece of elastic into the top seam on the back band.  When I sew this pattern again, I plan to make this band in the same fabric as the shorts.





  1. I love this!! I have the pattern but haven't made it yet. I need to get on that!

    1. If you do sew it, email me and I'll give you a heads up on the changes that I made to the pattern and why. Also when I used Google Translate I came up with some pretty crazy translations! Most of all I just used the pictures and my sewing knowledge... so I'm sure you could handle it too.

  2. Another perfect older girl look! Miss Comfy looks very happy with it. I wish I felt more comfortable working with knits.

    1. Karen,
      In some ways knits are easier to sew than wovens. I just sew them with my stretch stitch on my regular sewing machine. Though, I must say that if you make a mistake with that stretch stitch, it is hard to rip out. If I'm checking for fit first, I usually just use a regular long basting stitch and have the girls try it on first. (They won't try it on with pins!!)


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