Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Scuba Fabric: Hip Wrap-Around Skirt, Top, Leggings

Scuba Fabric is so fun to work with as it gives you the freedom to create garments with raw cut edges.
So when I created my entry for the Project Run and Play 
I felt that this outfit best represented my own unique style, taste, and showcases my skill set when sewing.

Creating an outfit than also satisfies the wants of a pre-teen girl... can be risky too.  So I always try to discuss the project with her as I sew, so she will be happy with the finished project too. I wanted long sleeves for the fall...she wanted short sleeves. I wanted an all raspberry top... she wanted all black.                        So I compromise and she compromises too. 

The pattern for this skirt is a German pattern.

BeeRocky Kids Gr. 110 - 152 in zwei Längen

No, I don't speak or read German!  I use Google Translate   my own sewing knowledge, and the pictures for directions.
First, let's talk about the "fanny pack purse" on the front of the skirt. The original pattern had a snapped-on detachable purse which I made into a purse pocket sewn directly onto the skirt.
Using my own sewing knowledge about working with scuba knits (doesn't ravel), I knew that I could use a cutting blade to cut out an even edge on the pocket, and an opening for the zipper. The pocket would not be faced.

Then I used Dritz WashAway Wonder Tape around the pocket edge. You can stitch through this double-sided transparent tape without gumming your needle. So I used it to hold my zipper in place, while I sewed around it. In the photo, I have removed the protective paper. When I sewed around the zipper, I did 2 rows of stitching. One to hold the zipper in place, and one for FUN!

Then I laid the pocket onto the skirt front and top-stitched it into place. Lastly, I topped the edges with the circular patch for extra strength.  So when you look at this pocket edge you are viewing a raw edge.
This skirt sits below the waistline and hugs the hips.
I sewed the darts in this way because of the scuba fabric :
Mark your dart and iron a circle of fabric at the end of the dart.

 Cut the dart side open nearest the center back.

Overlap the dart edges and use stitch witchery under the dart and iron.

On the outside of the skirt sew one or two lines of stitching to hold it in place. I decoratively sewed two rows: down, turn,  over one stitch, turn, sew up. Now it's flat and still hugs the body with no bulk.
I also overlapped my side seams and sewed them flat.

The skirt is secured with a snap tape.

 Lastly, the original skirt was meant to be lined, but I cut a separate facing that was sewn onto the skirt wrong side to wrong side. Then I added a edging to finish the edge. No need to hem the skirt, just use the raw edge.
The facing and edging were added to strengthen the waistline seam and add a pop of color at the top of the skirt.   

A simple black knit tee, with added skuba knit cold shoulder sleeves was sewn to compliment the skirt.  
The same black knit fabric was used to make the relaxed fit elastic waist leggings/pants.
The legging were tucked inside her black boots.
We love it and hope you like it too. Any questions? Just comment below, 
as we read every comment and respond.



  1. Great sewing! It's great to be able to sew what they want (more or less;))

    1. My granddaughters think of me as their personal designer. Collaborating with them on sewing projects brings us closer. I'm actually thinking of sewing this skirt again using her school colors of dark blue and orange. Maybe, I'll sew one for her two best friends too. Then on School Spirit Days they can all wear them to school.

  2. Another amazing creation! Scuba fabric! I am really I'm
    Rested with your granddaughters bespoke outfits. You are a rockin' grandma!

    1. I also try to make my granddaughters outfits that are modest. Her legging/pants are relaxed fit and comfortable. The skirt really serves as a "topper" to her pants. Thanks for your kind comments. I love hearing how others view my designs.

  3. Impressed ... not rested. Autocorrect!

  4. That is such a cool skirt! Love the details!

    1. Thanks Karly, I bet your girls would like it. Think about it more as a legging/pants topper than a skirt.

    2. Hey Karly,
      I have a question for you. I've been entering garments in Project Pun and Play and never seem to be chosen as a winner. What do you think I am doing wrong? I thought this scuba skirt, top, and leggings were a real winner. Please email your response to dcdevine1@gmail.com



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