Monday, October 24, 2016

40 Minute Polartec Skirt

Tonight I sewed a skirt in 40 minutes!!! 

Hurrah Polartec Fleece!

Using Mc Calls pattern 6918, View B
1. (5 minutes) Cut out 4 pieces: Front /Back Yoke, and Front/Back Flare Skirt Bottom.
2. ( 10 minutes)  Sew yoke and flare skirt bottom together. Then trim away most of the seam allowances on the seam closest to the yoke, Fingerpress the remaining up towards the yoke.  Then from the top, topstitch so the seam allowance encloses the trimmed seam allowance.
Trim close to the stitching.
Right side, finished seam with topstitching

3. (10 minutes)  Sew the side seams together. Next fingerpress the seam allowance open. From the right side, topstitch each seam allowance down, using the stitched seam as a guide to sew a nice straight topstitched line. Trim excess close to stitching and you' ll have a unbulky seam that will feel good against your body.

4.  Sew edges of elastic together.
5. (12 minutes)  Stitch a row of stitching around the top of the skirt 3/8 " from the edge. Divide both the elastic and skirt top edge into 4 equal sections.
6. Using a stretch stitch and the row of stitching as a guide, slightly stretch the elastic until the section of elastic is the same size as the skirt. Stitch near the bottom of the wide elastic onto the flat edge of the skirt.

7. (3 minutes) Trim any excess fabric away, so it will feel good next to your body.
 DONE!!!         Love It !

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