Friday, October 21, 2016

Seam or Edge Finishes with Polartec Fabric: Easy-peasy

Polartec, a wonderful fleece that I've been experimenting with, 
does not ravel; 
therefore,  there is no need for a seam finish or edge finish. 
Look at how easy I finished the edge of this double layered vest. 

1.  I quickly hand basted the 2 layers of fabric of a vest together using long running stitches while watching my favorite TV show.
2. Then,  I sewed 5/8 of an inch from the edge with the sewing machine.

3.  Using the first row of stitching as a guide, I sewed another row of stitching parallel from the first row.  I moved my needle all the way to the right on my machine, to obtain the largest distance from the first row of stitching.

It turned out like this. 

 4. Using your scissors trim the extra fabric away.  Take LONG cuts with your scissors to avoid a choppy edge. 

5.  On the straight areas, use a rotary cutting blade and a straight edge to trim away the excess fabric.


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