Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adding Ribbon Edges to Netting/Tulle

Wow...working with Netting/ Tulle can be tricky.  Thank goodness the clerk at Hancock Fabric spent some time with me and explained some differences in this fabric.

First, there is very coarse netting to very fine netting, and they feel different when the fabric touches your skin.  My granddaughter is very picky when it comes to how a fabric feels, so I picked a netting called Illusion White Sheer Netting  that is very fine and soft.

Did you know that some nettings can be bought in widths up to
 108 inches!! That makes a huge difference when you are trying to add layers of netting over the top of fabric, because in order to get 108" on the bolt they fold it into 4 layers. 

I can't even imagine sewing a dress like this with so many layers of netting or tulle.  It would drive me crazy.

My dress only has 4 layers.

Here is a tip of how I made those 4 layers more eye-catching.
I used 1/8 inch Grosgrain black ribbon and 3/8 inch satin ribbon and sewed them to the hem edge of a layer of netting on my dress that I am creating. I used the grosgrain ribbon on the 2nd layer and the slightly larger satin ribbon on the 4th layer.
Look at how hard it is to see the fabric....Yikes!!!!
But now your eye notices the different
layers...Hurrah (cause I ain't adding anymore layers).

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