Monday, March 10, 2014

Sewing my WILD Zebra Rocker Ballet Dress Tucked Panel

I'm working on my Project Run and Play Season 9 Challenge today.  This challenge is called, "Put Me in the Zoo Look."
I'm creating a no measure pleated panel for the front of my outfit and thought I would share it with you.
First, I only want 1 full panel instead of 2 smaller pieces as indicated by the pattern I'm using as the base of my design.
 So I overlapped the pattern to create the full panel.

Next, I started hand pleating a piece of fabric (45" wide) that was a bit larger than needed for my center piece. I did not measure each piece, I just estimated. 
 I don't care if each fold is the same size as that is the look
I am creating.

I pressed the pleats ever so often while pinning them, and then took it to my machine to sew a line of stitching on each side.
I placed my underlining which had been cut to the correct size of the finished panel and pinned it down , and then sewed around the piece. This made it easy to cut to the correct size.
Lastly, a bit of adjustment to the top and bottom of the panel so it will be easier to sew the seams later when I line the top of my dress.
That's it! Are any of you working on your first project too?

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