Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sewing with the Iron

How do you sew with an iron?
Well, here is what I mean.  See how much work I did on this lining before I attached it to the dress that I am currently sewing.  The seams are pressed open, and the bottom hem that will be hand-stitched at the waist is pressed under 1/2 of an inch. I even pressed under the center back seam near the zipper. That will help me when I sew in the lining and when I hand-stitch the lining near the zipper.

I also added a strip of lightweight interfacing along all the dress top seam, even though the pattern that I used didn't mention that step.  That interfacing will give that area some extra strength when I sew on a button for the straps. It will also give me some more body and a firm edge when I later add some topstitching. 
So that's why I say that I'm sewing with my iron.

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