Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Built-in Bookcase/Windowseat, Part 5

Today, I have a guest interview with Raymond, who is a painter by trade and who showed me a few tricks to caulking on my bookcase/windowseat.

How do you cut the tip of your caulk tubes?
I cut it as small as I possibly can. Notice in the next picture how little he cut off the end of the tip.

Why do you carry a wet rag next to the caulk tube as you work?
I like to keep everything as clean as I possibly can. That includes my fingers and the end of a caulk tube. I also use it to dampen the end of my fingers as I work.  I wipe off the end of the caulk tube before I begin each time. Then I start with a clean tip, and not a glob of caulk.

This shows Raymond caulking a seam:

As soon as he finished going down the whole seam, he immediately wiped his fingertip and the end of the caulk
tube. He does it automatically!
What happens if you make a mistake?
I wipe it off with my damp cloth and start again.  It's easier to add more caulk to an area than ruining the seam because you began with too much caulk to start with.

Thanks Raymond!!!


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