Saturday, March 15, 2014

Built-in Bookcase and Windowseat, Part 3

Of course, all the while we were building one bookcase, we were also building the second bookcase on the other side of the room.

Then Jeff connected the 2 units with an open windowseat that is attached to a cleat on the window wall, and is also supported by an inner structure that ties the front panel and legs together. This windowseat is open below because there is a heating vent and 2 electrical outlets that we still wanted access to in the future. Actually, I love the simple design.

The seat will be a total of 19 inches high after I make the padded cushion that will sit on top of the wooden base.

Notice the repeat of the same arched panels that are featured on the bookcases. The wooden legs are made from maple, and were obtained from a company that builds custom stairs. They were a remnant found in their woodworking shop, and were amazing quality! They are not deck posts.

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