Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creating a Built-in Bookcase and Window Seat, Part I


This empty space in my living room will soon be filled with a built in bookcase and windowseat. Notice the sunlight streaming into the little bay area... I can imagine the perfect windowseat that will soon be there.

To create the built-in, I first purchased a pair of china cabinets on Craigslist. (It has glass shelves that are not shown)
This is what they look like.  I searched for months for just the right kind of cabinet.  I would love to have stained glass cabinets, but that is beyond my budget. When I saw these china cabinets, I could picture them in my built-in cabinet design in my head.

I spent the week-end priming all the rough cut pieces of MDF and wood that will be used in the cabinet.  Why did we rough-cut the MDF? Because sheets of MDF are HEAVY, and I had trouble just carrying it down to my basement to set it up to prime. 
 So, Jeff Block from Block Builders, is working with me on this hair-brained (according to my husband) scheme, quickly cut rough-cuts boards to about the dimensions that we are going to need.  Then I could easily carry it down to the basement to prime.
Here is a teaser for tomorrows post!!!

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