Sunday, March 16, 2014

Built-in Bookcase/Windowseat, Part 4

Once Jeff began adding the connecting arch to the bookcase/windowseat an amazing transformation began to happen. It "all came together."
This connecting support was anchored to the ceiling.
An arch was cut using
a jigsaw, with quite a few adjustments...
for both sides of the arch.
I added this picture to show you the depth of the arch on the side of the bookcase.
We were playing around with the molding on top of the arch, and decided to create a keystone. I wish I had my new camera that I ordered to show the detail of the moldings and the keystone that runs through the top of the moldings...sigh!

Here is the completed keystone along with filling in with the molding and crown molding. This area will look fabulous after some caulking is added before painting.

Jeff also finished off all the edges with arches, that were cut out of popular boards, and the back of the arch (so that when you sit in the windowseat the back looks finished too).

The next step is to do a bit more sanding, priming, caulking, and then after wiping down the whole thing with a tack cloth, to actually put on the final layer of paint.  I am using the same color of white paint as the existing molding in my house. I want to look like it has always been here.
How many hours have we put into this creation? 
 Thirty-three hours at this point plus the time obtaining supplies, pre-priming, and removal of the hardware. Sometime I think that HGTV gives us a warped idea of how quickly these little projects can be completed. Right?

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